Welcome!I hold a MSC in Electrical and Electronics Eng. from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden and have several years of work experience. While I have a full time job right now, (Railroad Electrification Project) I'm open to new challenging full time positions in my field.  Please check my resume for more information.

My job interests are any or all phases of VLSI/ASIC/SOC chip design microarchitecture definition, synthesis, layout, verification, place and route, static timing analysis. I'm especially interested in embedded microprocessor architectures. I'd like to work for a progressive organization that offers career development.

Until now, I've worked in CMOS image sensor design, digital design for wireless communications and embedded systems, electronic vehicle architecture design and integration, control system design and evolution for telecom applications. Some of my remarkable achivements are reducing power consumption significantly and increasing efficiency, design for robustness and delivering results almost always on time. I'm a skilled problem solver who can adapt very quickly.

​​​​​​​​​​I was born as the only child of my parents, Veli and Hayriye, on May 10th, 1976 in Izmir, Turkey. Dad is retired general manager from Akbank, Turkey.  Finished primary, secondary, and high school in Izmir and later on got acceptence at University of Gaziantep in 2000 at Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department where the language of instruction was in English. Following the graduation, I went to Stockholm, Sweden to study master of science at Royal Institute of Technology.

After working for a while, I returned back to Turkey and held various positions at different companies. Some of my free activities are walking, jogging, skiing, swimming, reading and listening to music, travelling, and movies. Among the films,  I especially like Expandables, Spartacus, Titanic, Love Story. I have travelled to several countries including Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Sweden (lived for 6 years). I'm fluent in English, Swedish and beginner in German.